Indicator settings

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Widgets - indicators are designed to display data in real time.

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On some widgets up to 6 data can be added for display. It can be data from the same device or from different devices. To add data, click the tab +
A new bookmark will be created based on the data from the active bookmark.
To change the order of data on the widget, hook and move the corresponding tab to the desired location.


Selecting a device from the list of devices connected to the board.


Selection of data displayed on the indicator.


The period of data display, on some widgets, the period can be changed without going into the settings.

Info-text, Font size, Color

An information text block will be displayed to the left of the data. We define the block itself, font size and color.

Data symbol, Font size, Color

The unit of measurement data is displayed to the right of the data. Font size for data and color data.

Arithmetic operation, Fraction signs

Perform an arithmetic operation, with determining the number of decimal places.

Tip, to display the graph in the negative half-period, simply multiply it by -1, and to convert Wt to ​​kWt, divide by 1000.
Show changes

If enabled, the previous data and the data change direction symbol will be displayed at the bottom of the widget.

Enjoy your data!

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