Dashboard Main menu and Basic settings

Main menu

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The smart-MAC Dashboard application provides the ability to monitor current readings and visualize historical data, for which a variety of indicator widgets and graphs are available. A full-featured free version of the program will allow you to work with one device on one board, and extended subscriptions will provide you with an unlimited number of boards and connected devices to one account. Payment for the selected subscription is made from the personal account after registering in the smart-MAC Dashboard application.

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Board - the main workspace for monitoring and analysis. The principle of displaying information is built on widgets. The size and position of the widget is fixed and does not adjust to the screen size. For convenient display of information on different devices with different screen resolutions, create for each device a separate board with a special arrangement of widgets. Do not forget to save the settings.

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In the "Devices" section you can manage the list of connected devices. To add a device, you will need a unique device ID and a PIN code, which is recommended to be set when the device is first turned on, through the device’s WEB interface.
In the settings of the device, it is possible to control the switched output of the external load and the list of measured values. When removing a device from the list, widgets that used data from the device will simply stop updating information. When the device is added again and the dashboard is overloaded, the widgets will continue their work. 

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In the "Virtual" section, you can create new data for the virtual device. You can use the sum and subtraction arithmetic operations in combination with any amount of any data from different devices.
It is easy to combine devices into groups, receive and analyze total consumption and costs from several controlled objects or lines.

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In the "Data" section you can display on the screen and save the data for the selected period in CSV format.
On the screen you can display 100 rows of data. The file can be exported minute data 1500 lines, more than a day, hourly data 40 days, the remaining intervals without restrictions.
Only hourly data can be edited and saved on the cloud server.
If you need to update or add large amounts of data, contact support.

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A set of widgets for measuring in real time.

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A set of widgets for visual analysis of historical data.

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News from developers, new Dashboard features 
and latest updates for devices.

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Knowledge base, forum and appeals on problems. 
Useful links and information.

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User profile management. Information on the current subscription and payment of the selected subscription.

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When exiting, all automatic login sessions from all devices will be deleted. It's okay, just have to enter your username and password.

Basic settings

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Interface language, time format and color scheme selection.

Monitor mode:

Full screen mode with a minimal interface will be convenient for monitors with a constant display of information on only one board.

Create Link / Remove Link:

Creating and deleting a link to a public whiteboard. The public whiteboard is created according to the current settings; further changes on the whiteboard will not be displayed on the public whiteboard. To update the link, you must delete it and create it again. You can recall the address to the public whiteboard by clicking on the + icon in the drop-down list of boards.

Screen shot:

Creates a screen capture and allows you to save it to a file. The option is available in the application under Windows.


Print screen option is available in the application under Windows.

Edit dashboard:

When the board editing mode is disabled, it is not possible to move and resize widgets. Convenient when working with touchscreen devices.

Add board:

Creates a new board. You can change the order of the boards by moving them in the drop-down list of boards.


Creates a copy of the current board with all the settings and widgets.

Remove board:

Deletes the current board. Be careful, the removal of the boards is irreversible.

Enjoy your data!

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