Pulse counter smart-MAIC D105

Smart Pulse Counter

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This device allows you to measure resource consumption by impulse readings from water meters, gas, electricity and other meters, equipped with pulse outputs.
The smart meter smart-MAIC D105 is able to take control and monitoring for:
- two pulse meters for gas, water, heat, wind, beer, milk ...whatever!
- five digital temperature sensors
- one analog sensor 0-15V for pressure, humidity, leakage, voltage, etc.

With the built-in relay you can organize the automation with conditions.

Key features:
  • Monitoring, Analysis and Control for any kind of consumption
  • Wi-Fi Wireless interface
  • Cellular GPRS optional
  • RS485 interface
  • Work time counter mode
  • Heat counter mode
  • Free cloud data server
  • Dashboard for data analysis and visualization
  • One-Minute data detail
  • Remote output management
  • Emergency power and offline memory
  • MQTT remote client
  • API interface for developers
  • DIN rail mounting

Measured parameters:

  • incoming pulses on the 2 input channel, imp
  • analog input voltage, 0-15V
  • 5 temperature sensors DS18x20
  • humidity and temperature sensor DHT22
  • pressure, humidity and temperature sensors D280
  • CO2 (carbon dioxide) - sensor (RS485)
  • Wind speed and direction sensors
  • Dosimeter radiometer DR-20


Pulse input two
Analog input 0 . . 15V
Temperature measurement by sensor DS18x20 –55°C . . +125°C, accuracy ±0.5°C
Temperature and humidity measurement by DHT22 –40°C . . +80°C, humidity 0-99%
Temperature sensorsfive DS18x20 or one DHT22
Maximum load power at the output50W 
Wireless communication protocolIEEE 802.11 (b, g, n)
Data refresh interval5 sec
Data collection interval60 sec
Save data without the connection25 days
Operating temperature range-40 . . +60 ºС
Power AC or DC100. . 240V, 50/60Hz, < 1W AC
5V 0.6A DC
Dimensions90х63х34 mm
Installation typefor DIN rail
Weight0,1 kg

User Manual Download »

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