Energy monitors D103-R1000/R2000 with Rogovsky coils

Three-lines Energy monitor up to 2000A (up to 1.4MW)

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For medium and large businesses.

For measurements of high currents and installation on highly loaded lines. This model uses Rogowski rings for currents up to 2000A (up to 1.3MW).

Supplied with Rogowski coils for currents up to 1000A, 1500A and 2000A.

To measure high currents in these models of energy monitors Rogowski coils are used - measuring current transformers in the form of a flexible closed solenoid, one of the terminals of which is brought to the other through the solenoid axis. Named after the German physicist Walter Rogowski. The rings are split design, flexible and easy to install.

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Key features:
  • Energy Monitoring, Analysis and Control
  • Monitoring of power supply parameters
  • Wi-Fi Wireless interface
  • The free cloud data server
  • Dashboard for data analysis and visualization
  • One-Minute data detail
  • Remote output management
  • MQTT remote client
  • API interface for developers
  • DIN rail mounting
Measured Parameters:
  • Voltage, V
  • Current, A
  • Active Power, W
  • Reverse Active Power, rW
  • Active Energy, Wh
  • Reverse Active Energy, rWh
  • Reactive Power VAR and Energy VARh (calculated)
  • Power Factor, cosФ

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Lines (phases) 3
Current Measurement in each phaseup to 2000A
Measurement error< 1% (at current> 5A)
Internal diameter100 mm
Load power at the controlled output< 50W
Power consumption< 1.2W
Wireless protocol2.4GHz / IEEE 802.11 (b/g/n) / external antenna
Data refresh interval5 sec
Data collection interval1 minute
Save data without the connection15 days
Operating temperature range-40 . . +70 ºС.
Dimensions90х67х52 mm

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