Using MQTT interface

This article describes the possibility of using the MQTT protocol to transfer data from an energy meter.

For more information on the MQTT protocol, please click here.

To work with MQTT, we need a cloud server and a client on a smartphone.

There are a large number of options (paid and free), you can choose any. 

We propose to consider an example of connecting through a free (up to 10 connections) CloudMQTT server 

Go to the site and register.

The registration confirmation will be sent to the e-mail:

Confirm the e-mail and create a password for your account:

We go to the site and create a new connection (new instance):

The process of creating a connection is fully automated, so just go to the created “Instance” to find out all the connection parameters:

In the future we will need: Server, User, Password and Port. Save them. They will be needed for energy metering and for a mobile application.

Go to the web interface of the device and configure the section "MQTT Server":

The configuration process is complete. 

If all data is entered correctly, from this moment the energy meter constantly publishes data on the cloud server MQTT.

Continuation of the settings on the link.

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