D105: Connection of DR-20 Radiation Sensor

Sensor Dosimeter-Radiometer DR-20

The DR-20 is connected to the smart-MAIC D105 to remotely measure gamma background levels, accumulated radiation doses, and ambient temperature in real-time.

The natural radiation background is different everywhere and depends on the height of the territory above sea level and the geological structure. But the radiation level of ~20 microroentgen per hour is the safest level of external irradiation of the human body, when the "radiation background is normal. The upper limit of the permissible dose rate is ~50 microroentgen per hour [μR/h].

  • Radiation background measurement range: 0 .. 65000 μR/h
  • Temperature measuring range: -40°C .. 70°C
  • Output Signal: D105 1-Wire / TX UART
  • Data refresh period: 10 seconds
  • Operating temperature: -40°C .. 70°C
  • Working humidity: 0% .. 95%RH
  • Dimensions DxHxW: 125x20x85mm
  • Power: DC 5V
  • Weight: 120g
Connection to D105:
  • Red 5V DC - connect to the terminal (6)
  • White GND - connect to the terminal (1)
  • Yellow D105 1-Wire - connect to the terminal (4)
  • Green TX UART - used for third-party devices
Data from D105:
  • T1 – temperature [°C];
  • T2 – microroentgen per hour [μR/h];
  • T3 – pulses (particles) per minute;

Dashboard and widget settings

Add an indicator widget, chart or table to the Dashboard.

Select your smart-MAIC D105 device and the corresponding T1/T2/T3 data.

In case of radiation measurement in the widget settings in the Arithmetic operation section, select f(x) and prescribe the formula:

d.T2 < 0 ? (65536 + d.T2 * 10) : d.T2 * 10

UART connection

Information can be read via the UART TX 9600 baud, 5V interface.
An example of received data via UART:


T - Temperature [° C];
R - Radiation [µR / h];
IMP - number of impulses (particles) for the last minute;
S  - number of impulses for the last 10 seconds;


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