Examples of connections (photo report)

Some pictures connecting smart energy meters smart-MAC.

Solar photovoltic monitoring
smart-MAC D103 energy monitors will help analyze the operation of solar power plants, electricity generation, household consumption and the sale of surpluses at any tariffs. Details »

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"Dnipro"  Factory, Smila
Energy meters hav been installed throughout the facility and this at 24 hectars. The energy consumption of all production facilities, warehouses and household facilities is monitored.

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Standard three-phase energy monitor connection. It's simple, turned off the power, unscrewed the wire, put on the transformer.

Image 125

Single-phase smart meter in a city apartment. Describe, in General, all the same, long, clothed, tried, included WiFi, tuned and ready.

Image 133

Three-phase jenergomonitory smart-MAC 300-D103 and the D103-21 in dry cleaning factory.

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Image 332

Three-phase connection. At the cottage.

Image 157

Three-phase 300A energy monitors in the restaurant.

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Image 183

Installing smart-MAC D105 for remote monitoring of water meters.
Step 1. Correct water meters with pule output.

Image 242

Step 2. Connect pulse counter smart-MAC D105 to it.

Image 243

Step 3. Use Dashboard

Image 244

Installation pulse smart-MAC D105. So far, only by temperature: supply and return with a gas boiler, street and house. Left the wire to the gas meter, let down and will complete :)

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Image 235

Temperature sensors overhead, just with thermal paste and screed.
Also recommended thermal insulation.

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