Configuring settings for devices

To complete the installation and connection of the device, configure the settings using the following steps:

  • In the "Configuration" section choose the WEB interface convenient for you.
  • Change the password to access the device's WEB interface. Do not leave the default password. The password should consist of numbers and have a length of no more than 10. Your new password will allow you to access data from your device stored on the “cloud server”.
  • In the "Data" section you can set the initial values ​​of the cumulative counters and enter the temperature correction.
  • In the "Data Server" section, check the device connection to the "cloud" server.

Now your device is connected and ready to go.


Remember your new password to access the device's WEB interface. No password recovery mechanism. If you have forgotten your password, to restore access to the device and data, perform the procedure of restoring the factory settings.

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