Installation of single-phase energy meter D101

The D101 can be installed in an electrical panel on a DIN rail or on a wall using the DIN rail strip that is supplied in the kit.

The device should be connected to the power grid by trained personnel with a minimum of group III approval for electrical safety when working on installations up to 1000 V.

Depending on the configuration, the device can be supplied with transformers of different types:

  • Type 1 - transformer ring, connects to pins 3-4 of the device
  • Type 2 - plug-in transformer, is connected to the socket 5 of the device.

To connect the device, follow these steps:

  • Slide the current transformer on the phase conductor. The transformer has an energy direction indicator. It is accepted that energy moves in the direction from the electricity meter towards consumers. Installing a current transformer in accordance with the energy direction indicator will provide better measurement accuracy.
  • Connect the current transformer wires to the device or insert the plug of a detachable transformer in accordance with the wiring diagram.
  • Connect the phase and neutral wires to the device in accordance with the wiring diagram.

Wiring diagram

Image 92

Top group of contacts 

1 - controlled output

2 - controlled output
3 - current transformer, red wire

4 - current transformer, black wire
5 - socket for plug-in current transformer

Bottom group of contacts
6 - zero
7 - phase


Incorrect wiring of the phase wire may damage the device.

General connection diagram of a single-phase energy monitor D101

Image 878

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