D105: DS18b20 temperature sensor connection

DS18b20 Temperature sensor

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You can connect up to 5 pcs DS18b20 temperature sensors or one DHT22 temperature and humidity sensor to the universal smart-MAC D105 meter.

DS18b20 are digital 1-Wire temperature sensors, all of them are connected to one contact, terminal 4.

  • Black (or White) wire all sensors combine and connect to terminal 1: GND (Ground or -5B)
  • Red wire all sensors combine and connect to the terminal 6: 5B
  • Yellow (or Blue) wire all sensors combine and connect to terminal 4: Data 1-Wire

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3-wire connection to smart-MAC D105

Temperature sensors such as DS18x20 can be connected by 3 wired circuit (described above) or 2 wire. Pay attention, there are many low-quality sensors on the market that work unsustainably not only on the 2-wire circuit but also on 3 wired when connecting more than one sensor.

The sensors from our store are of proven quality and work sustainably on any connection scheme.

When connecting multiple Sensors such as the DS18x20, they all need to be connected the same way, using a 2 or 3 wired connection.

With 2 wired connections, the sensor wires are black and red connects to terminal 1 (GND).

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2x Wired to Smart-MAC D105

Connect sensors one by one, with the power turned off. After connecting the sensor, open the device settings, in the Counter config section, select the appropriate sensor type DS18x20 Temperature and click the Save button.

Then click Refresh button to find sensors.

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The temperature sensor settings interface.

In the list of sensors found, assign the desired T1-T5 data parameter and its own name to the new sensor.

Manually set the number of actually connected sensors in the field "Connected".

Tip: If the device loses contact with the temperature sensor, the result will be a value of "-80".
To prevent the graph from being distorted, change the following in the widget settings:
- In the section "Arithmetic operation" select f (x) and write down the formula:

d.T1 <-77? '--': d.T1

where d.T1 is the corresponding value of the temperature parameter T1. . T5

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