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x Consumption over a period of time, without constant restarts

Roland 1 year ago in Dashboard and Widgets updated by fsardone 3 months ago 3


Is it possible to write out the total consumption of the last 24 hours regardless of the current time?

I see that it is only possible to write the time of the day, which starts again from midnight.

This is also the case in the hourly breakdown, it restarts at a new hour, but I need, for example, the last 60 minutes regardless of the time.

Is there a formula or script for this?

Sorry for my English.

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At the moment, data is available on the Dashboard only for fixed intervals.

It is not possible to specify your data interval, sorry.

You can always export data to EXCEL and perform complex calculations.


I would actually highly appreciate this function too.

For several uses it would be highly interesting to have the basic autogenerated widget with RTM Hour Day Month Year Total, but the hour would actually be last 60min period, day last 24h period and so on and so on. Currently I am using the Energy and Costs widget instead of that.


This is exactly what I am asking in this topic:


Having the capability to calculate period energy would be good.